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These beautifully crafted spools push the limits of conventional machining to provide superior performance in defined trout angling situations. They are not just resized versions of a single design, but, depending on intended use, are optimized for specific applications through differing arbor diameters and capacities, proper torques, as well as weight that offers a perfectly balanced system.

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RVR 2/3

Bauer RVR ReelSmall streams and spring creeks are the ideal waters for 2 and 3wt fishing. You’re not likely to ever need 70 yards of backing here, or a drag capable of stopping a steelhead. What you will need is a lightweight reel designed with the smaller capacity and perfect drag for those very special angling situations.

RVR 4/5
The line and backing capacity, drag and weight of this reel have been appropriately designed for the more sizeable trout, larger water, longer casts and more varied techniques associated with 4 and 5wt rods. Whether you’re fishing a floating line or a light sink tip, whether fishing dries or wets, this is the ideal reel.

RVR 6/7
A larger reel for the heavier line weights used when targeting trophy fish with large, wind-resistant or heavy flies. The increased backing capacity is more than sufficient to handle even the longest running trout. Intended applications are streamer fishing with floating or sink-tip lines, stillwater angling with floating, intermediate and full-sinking lines, as well as handling the aggressively-tapered lines needed to turn over large dry flies, poppers, articulated streamers, and double nymph rigs.

The super large arbor of this reel design addresses the unique capacity requirements of the level lines used in European-style nymphing. The spool size and capacity is greatly reduced as these fly lines don’t have the typical thick belly like a traditional fly line. Hi-stickers, your reel has arrived.

Specifically designed for Micro Spey angling, this reel handles 3, 4, and 5 weight spey lines. This model features a full frame to prevent thin running line from slipping out of the reel. The weight of this reel has been carefully considered to balance the longer, two-handed rods used for Trout Spey. Reel capacities accommodate the wide variety of Scandi and Skagit style lines available.


RVR 2/33.15 in5.5 oz2/3 wtWF3+ (50yd. 20#)$695$315
RVR 4/53.54 in5.6 oz4/5 wtWF5+ (50yd. 20#)$725$325
RVR 6/73.94 in5.7 oz6/7 wtWF7+ (100yd. 20#)$755$350
RVR EN3.74 in5.8 oz2/3/4 wtLevel Line + (100yd. 20#)$755$325
RVR MS3.94 in5.9 oz3/4/5 wtSkagit 360 grain + (100yd. 20#)$755$350

RVR Trout reels are midnight black with gold lasered accents, or charcoal with silver lasered accents.
RVR Euro-Nymph and RVR Microspey reels are midnight black with lasered accents.


Customer Reviews

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Marvin Ottley
Question about the know to secure the spool.

This reel is great looking and very light. Very, very light. The one thing that I’ve notice though is that the fastener/nut that bolt the spool to the reel seems to come undone after casting a while. My question is what’s causing this? I hesitate to over tighten the nut.

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the leaving the 5-starreview and question about the spool lock nut. You should simply come to a snug stop when tightening the lock nut. You can put additional pressure as it won't over tighten. Regardless, we're more than happy to get that in to make sure everything is correct. Please reach out to to set up a free consultation of your reel!

Terry M
Terry M

The Bauer spool is easy to install and remove from their excellent closed reel design. The manual screw on and off release stays attached to the spool when loosened which avoids lost parts in the stream. This mechanism avoids the push button release system which in my experience can be unreliable and frustrating to use. This spool fits precisely onto the reel casing and has an ergonomically designed retrieve knob that is of perfect functional size. I am a critical consumer when it comes to fly fishing reels. I do not know what more could be done to improve this spool. It gives me an easy way to switch from tight lining to a float the sighter rig or a traditional floating fly line approach quickly and with no hassle. This helps me catch more fish. This is a beautiful piece of mechanical workmanship. Bauer nailed it on this one.

Matt Stewart
Bauer RVR

“Reel” perfection. A precision tool as well as a piece of art.

Raymond Wilson
The Bauer RVR has to be the best reel ever made

My RVR Is not only the most beautiful reel I have ever seen, but also the toughest. On occasions where it accidentally hit rocks stream side it never showed a chip or any sign of damage .
It works flawlessly with a butter smooth drag. I feel it is without doubt, the best reel on the market. Raymond Wilson, Bellevue, Wash.

SFC Ronald "Kilmore" Moore
A modern marvel of machine work...

The Bauer RVR reels are state of the art pieces of machined wonder. NASA could not have done better. Life is short, buy the best gear you can find.