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Featuring awesome performance, superb quality and a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic, RX trout and saltwater reels represent the pinnacle of manufacturing and design, and redefine “smooth and reliable.”



RX 1, 2, 3, 4

Smaller, lightweight reels that can handle lines 2wt through 8wt and are ideal for all freshwater applications, as well as light salt. Perfect for trout,  smallmouth bass, bonefish and other species.

RX 5, 6, 7

These larger RX reels were designed to handle and subdue extremely powerful fish such as tarpon, peacock bass, dorado, permit and other hard fighters that will quickly prove whether a reel is up to the task. They feature stronger seals, a more powerful structure and a drag system that features multiple carbon discs and five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control.


RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal/Graphite.


RX 1 3.00 in 3.5 oz 3/4/5 wt WF5+ (55yd. 20#) $495 $225
RX 2 3.25 in 3.8 oz 4/5/6 wt WF5+ (100yd. 20#) $525 $240
RX 3 3.50 in 4.2 oz 5/6/7 wt WF6+ (135yd. 20#) $655 $295
RX 4 3.75 in 5.3 oz 6/7/8 wt WF7+ (175yd. 20#) $675 $305
RX 5 4.00 in 7.8 oz 7/8/9 wt WF8+ (225yd. 30#) $755 $340
RX 6 4.25 in 8.6 oz 9/10/11 wt WF10+ (350yd. 30#) $855 $385
RX 7 4.50 in 9.4 oz 11/12/13 wt WF12+ (450yd. 30#) $925 $420
Just Black

Just Black

Dark Green

Dark Green



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best Bauer reel ever

I own 4 Bauer reels and this reel is awesome. Hands down a far better reel than the Ross San Miguel

Long history

I’ve had Bauer reels for almost 20 years - actually more I think. I love this brand. Thank you so much. Brian

The RX2 and RX5

I’ve spent over a decade guiding and working in fly shops. During those years, I’ve spent time with nearly every fly reel brand made. The reason I choose Bauer is simple. Flawless performance, bulletproof drag system, and unwavering commitment to quality and durability. From technical tailwater sight fishing in the Rockies with the RX2 I can’t imagine using any other reel when it comes to landing the trophy trout we all work so hard to pursue!

The reason I choose the Bauer RX5 is simple. Flawless performance, bulletproof drag system, and unwavering commitment to quality and durability. From toothy pike “Up North” or countless species in the salt the RX5 has excelled in every test I’ve put them through.

The RX 3 is Perfect

Bauer reels, period. This review could end right there, at the period!! However, I am always excited when a new model arrives. Adding the latest, most innovative models from Bauer Fly Reels to my guide bag is truly exciting. I also treasure the 20 year old Bauer reels, well-worn veterans of my guide bag, reliable workhorses I turn to every day that consistently perform perfectly on exceptionally large trout. The craftsmanship and design speaks volumes to the durability and value you get with each Bauer reel.

Looking at a bag full of Bauer reels... how to choose a favorite? For me, the RX 3 is perfect for a buttery smooth drag to put the brakes on our double digit trout in the Klamath Basin. Easy drag adjustment and quality build on all of the components make it an easy choice. And the cool green one won’t help you catch more fish…but it will sure set the mood!

The ultimate recommendation is when return clients proudly bring their own Bauer reels to again play in the waters of the Klamath Basin!

Best Big Fish Fly Reels I Have Ever Used

Hands down, the best big fish fly reels I have ever used are the Bauer RX Series – especially the RX6. These handsome tools are the answer to stopping powerful fish. Tighten the drag lightly for hook up then adjust as you battle. I have no fear cranking the dial to the max when a speedster approaches coral or a heavyweight digs for underwater logs. I know the fully sealed carbon fiber drag system gives me silky smooth dependability no matter what the tension. Add in the corrosion resistant finish along with the fully sealed drag system – this means no hindering sand or salt and best of all – no maintenance!

Whether in saltwater chasing roosterfish off a Baja beach or sweating for Nile perch on an African river, my Bauer RX6 is unmatched. I am proud to be fishing a Bauer RX because I can count them to help me land the beast!