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Changing Retrieve Direction

Bauer’s patented clutch mechanism is the magic behind our smooth and reliable performance.  The retrieve direction can be switched in four easy steps – no need to be intimidated!  A small flat screwdriver is all you need.

1. Remove the spool from the frame.

  • SST: Spin the star knob counter-clockwise until the spool is loose. The star knob won’t detach from the spool.
  • RX 1-4: Depress button on center of the spool.
  • RX 5-7: Loosen the cap at the center of the spool.

2. Remove the hub.

  • SST and RX 1-4: Remove the E-Clip that secures the hub.  A small screwdriver is ideal.
  • RX 5-7: This hub is held in place by O-rings.  Simply pull up and off.

SST and RX 1-4 hub removal

SST and RX 1-4 hub removal

RX 5-7 hub removal

* No more disassembly needed! *


3. Switch the position of the Rollers & Spring Pads

  • Pop the Roller out of the pocket, slide the spring pad over into the vacated space, then re-insert the roller.
  • Left Hand Retrieve = Rollers on the left
  • Right Hand Retrieve = Rollers on the right
  • Be sure all 4 Roller/Pad combinations – in all 4 pockets – are in the same orientation!
  • The white grease is good – and expensive – keep it on the rollers, spring pads, and inside of hub.

The disc ramp is pulled out for illustration purposes in the pictures below. It is not necessary for it to be removed.

Left-hand retrieve

Right-hand retrieve

4. Reinstall hub (then e-clip, if applicable).