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At Bauer, we strive to offer a unique design and performance experience that enhances an angler’s overall enjoyment on the water.

With the RVR series, we knew we needed to push the capabilities of reel design and incorporate manufacturing upgrades outside of producing another large arbor reel. Fly reels, for the most part, haven’t changed much in regard to multiple axis design. Most reels utilize a 4 axis machine to remove their metal. Bauer utilizes 4-Axis machining on the popular RX series, which is rock solid and sturdy, yet is limiting in regards to where and how bar stock aluminum is removed. Other reels, to achieve unique design, incorporate a diecast mold, which is a lower cost method, but inherently comes with strength compromises that don’t hold up to extreme fishing situations.

Inspired by our roots in the car racing industry, Bauer utilized 5-Axis machining to achieve a breakthrough in high performance fly reel manufacturing. The RVR series pushes the limitations of reel design without sacrificing strength and durability.

RVR Microspey Reels have used 5-Axis machining to meet the  performance attributes of modern trout spey fly rods.

5-Axis CNC machines have allowed Bauer to obtain multiple levels of depth in the spool face, creating finer spokes and more angles of reinforcement. Most CNC machines remove metal utilizing 3 common axis movements – the X axis which moves left and right, the Y-axis which moves forward and backward, and the Z-axis, which moves up and down. 5-axis machining uses these 3 common axis movements in addition to two rotating axis movements – the B-axis which rotates the machined part vertically, and the C-Axis, which rotates the part horizontally.

5-Axis machining allows Bauer to keep thin, clean lines, without sacrificing strength or smoothness.

By utilizing the unique movement of 5-Axis machines, Bauer achieves greater precision and eye popping geometry and symmetry – yielding tight tolerances, and a premium surface finish. For anglers, this means optimized line-backing capacities, faster line retrieval, and perfect rod/reel balance that focuses on various applications including all-around trout, small water fishing, microspey, and Euro-nymphing techniques.


The RVR EN (Euro-Nymph) reel utilizes 5-Axis machining to produce design preferences that balance tight line nymphing rods and techniques.

With fly rod design moving to lighter actions and swing weights, it’s important that fly reel design also continues to innovate to meet the demands of modern freshwater anglers. With the Bauer RVR reels utilizing 5-Axis machining, their designs achieve unparalleled performance and beauty, with a durable and strong foundation.

In addition to 5-Axis machining, RVR reels feature a zero-backlash clutch, seamless key-lock spool/frame interchange, and a fully sealed carbon fiber drag system. The RVR 2/3, 4/5, and 6/7 are available in two color options: black frame/spool with a gold hub and gold dual anodize or a charcoal frame/spool with a silver hub and silver dual anodize. The RVR EN is available with a black frame and spool with a silver accent on the spool spokes. The RVR Microspey is available in a black frame and spool. MSRP: $695 – $755